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ICmarkets login

ICmarkets login can be implemented in several ways. When entering the main page, the visitor sees 2 buttons in the centre: Start Trading and Try a Free Demo. Also, in the upper right corner is the Client Login button. Let's analyze the features of each option.

Live account registration ICmarkets

By clicking on Start Trading, the visitor opens a page for registering a real ICmarkets account. The procedure can be performed in two ways - to fill in personal data in the application form on the website or to log in via PayPal.

ICmarkets login1


In the first case, those wishing to register an account fill in the fields in several sections.

The first section "Personal" - here the client writes the place of residence, name, email address, telephone number.

Section two, "Tell us more", here's what you do:

  • Write the date of birth, address, city, state/province, postal code.

  • Choose account type: individual, corporate, partner (joint).

  • If you want to tick the box that you're an Introducing Broker referral.

On the third step, the client chooses the platform: Ctrader, MT4 or MT5. And the type of account - Standard or Raw Spread. Also selects the base currency of the account - from USD to HKD, in total you can choose from 10 options. On the same tab trader puts (or does not put) a tick on the offer "Receive our newsletter and special offers".

Then the visitor fills in the Questionnaire:

  • Trading experience - beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Security question and answer

  • Declaration on electronically signing Terms and Conditions

That's it! All you need to do is click on the "Accept Declaration and Submit" button to create an account and get IC Markets login. 

It should be noted that the registration procedure, compared to many modern brokers in 2020, looks complicated. However, it is a plus - the client in the process can think about whether he wants to have an account with this brand. 

Also, such data must still be entered at any broker. The only difference is that it can be done immediately at registration or later, during the verification process.

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Demo account registration login IC Markets

By clicking the Try a Free Demo button, the client gets a much more simplified profile design. You only need to enter personal data: country, name, email and phone number. You can check the boxes:

  • Agree to receive newsletters and offers

  • Note participation in the affiliate program

  • Then click on Register, select the platform - and the account is ready.

  • IC Markets client area login

IC Markets client area login goes through the button of the same name in the upper right corner of the main page. The client opens a form where he needs to enter username and password, then press Login. If the visitor has forgotten the credentials, a link to restore them is placed under the Login button.

ICmarkets login2


Note that the forex broker does not accept requests from residents of the United States, Canada, Israel and Iran for regulatory reasons.